Smartphone-like helmets, equipped with visors or windshields with full color LED Head Up Displays, in addition to displaying speed or vehicle telemetry, can be changed to display GPS navigation. In fact, the helmet can display a 210-degree rear view because the helmet is equipped with a dual camera that leads backwards.

The rear view captured by the dual camera will show HUD making its vision widen to nearly 360 degrees, equipped with built-in Bluetooth communications, phone connectivity, and voice controls.

For the full, electrically wasteful feature, the helmet is equipped with solar panels and a battery that lasts up to 8 hours of work if fully charged.

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Cat Mobil Paramagnetic Paint

The color changes instantly, the overall view from different sides does change. This paint color is called Paramagnetic Car Paint (Electroluminescent Paint). Electroluminescence is an optical and electrical phenomenon in which a material emits light in response to an electric current flowing on the material, or in response to a strong electric field.

The transmitting of light in electroluminesens differs from the radiance of light due to heating (such as incandescent light derived from filament wire flares) or as a result of chemical reactions (chemiluminescens)). In the United States and Europe, in particular luxury car modifications have used Paramagnetic Paint’s technology. Special equipment will also be required in paramagnetic paint applications to be properly applied to cars without complications.

This is important given the use of listics so that there is no consleting. Using this type of paramagnetic paint on your car will also require a certain level of expertise from the painter and will have to recalibrate the skills or obtain some form of certification in order to be able to provide the necessary services to apply them to your car effectively.

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Hum Rider
Hum Rider has a hydraulic pump weighing 900 pounds or about 408 kg that can lift this car into the air. This pump gets its power from a gas generator hidden under its bonnet. This hydraulic pump is activated using the switch on the car dashboard. When activated, from the wheel will come out a telescopic limb that can lift the car upwards.

Hum Rider can also pass other cars when stuck easily as well as avoid flooding. Hum Riders can climb up to nine feet high or about 274 meters. But this height is measured from the roof of the car. The legs of this car can give ample space to various four-wheeled vehicles. But for buses, trucks, and vans it’s probably going to be a problem. Why, the space under the Hum Rider is not enough to pass a very high vehicle.

Under the Hum Rider there is also a camera mounted under the dashboard. The camera is used to see what’s under the car. So the driver can see if the height is right with the car below. Don’t let a car scratch the roof or detach the rearview mirror.

Automotive is one of the sciences that learn about the absence of motor vehicles be it 2-wheeled vehicles or more. However, in the automotive world definitely has many fans or people who like cars and motorcycles.

The number of cars and motorcycles uses technological advances developed by automotive manufacturers. The emergence of new innovations is not only to show sophistication, but also to provide comfort and security for its users.

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Advanced Intelligent Cranium iC-R Helmet


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