As the main vehicle, the car becomes one of the important transportation that is so needed. Not a few car users utilize the four-wheeled vehicles as a personal means of transport or to invest.

In addition, the car display was made in such a way as to fit the needs of the users. Nowadays, the look and type of car is also very diverse, ranging from family wagon or known sports utility Vehicle (SUV) to more luxury sedan offers comfort. Thanks to the car design offered, many buyers allocate the money to buy a vehicle.

However, when talking about car developments, at least a car manufacturer needs about 10 years to produce a four-wheeled vehicle as it becomes ‘ wah ‘ as it is today.

Pre 1880-An
Before the car became known as a vehicle, the community had already hung its transportation activities using animals, such as horses, as a daily transportation. It was about 1885, popping up a tricycle that used petrol fuel. The vehicle was invented by German engine expert Karl Benz.

Then, a few years later reappeared the vehicle introduced by the United States, through Henry Ford, to the world. This car is then a car origin in the modern era.

Mid-20th century
In this decade, cars have been recognised as an important part of life. One of the important things that marks the world’s automotive development is the creation of vehicles with four wheel drive and more powerful injection technology. Examples include Gutbrod Superior and Goliath GP 700 E Sport coupe.

However, as the needs of the community are increasing, automobile manufacturers also create a much more compact and functional design. In terms of security, the car has also begun to be equipped with advanced security technology, which can help passengers avoid severe injuries and accidents due to driving.

Year 1990-An
Then, the Ford-made car was developed and was able to steal attention. This progress is demonstrated by the presence of a round steering wheel as we are currently using. The car speed is also quite capable, which can reach 15-20 km/h.

The design in the 1990s was increasingly compact and more security features were highlighted. Not only that, technology is also growing in this era, including hybrid cars.

One example is the birth of the world’s first hybrid machine by Ferdinand Porsche, who invented the first hybrid machine. The invention was named Lohne-Porsche Mixte Hybrid.

Therefore, you’ll have cars like the Toyota Corolla or Toyota Prius series that inspire the next car design. The cars began to penetrate into the automotive market, including in Indonesia.

The cars in the era were transformed with more ciamik thanks to the support of existing technology. The machine used also known to be more environmentally friendly and became a trend among car manufacturers.

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Then, the look is made more sporty and elegant like the urban car. One such as car in City class and hatchback that so loved by consumers after MPV car, which offers the breadth of the cabin made to be ridden with the family.

How do car designers work?
In relation to the development of the car, it never went off from the designers who designed it. These designers poured creative ideas into designing cars. The idea is not arbitrary, but has gone through a long and mature stage.

In fact, the costs incurred for a car designer are greater than the production of the vehicle itself. So, it’s no wonder that every car manufacturer always presents spectacular vehicles and manages to attract markets.

Because of that, automotive designers who make car designs are required to have experience of cars: upgrade their automatic knowledge. In addition, in order to become an automotive designer, you also need to join the education in the field of design, especially automotive, or in automotive engineering department so that they can innovate, produce masterpieces that fit the development of the era.

So, that’s the development of a car that becomes your travel companion. However, the success of the car as the main vehicle is not separated from the designers inside.

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