A winning combination: Bose Performance Series in the new Corvette Stingray

It all started with the car itself, and the courage of Chevrolet to dream big and act boldly. After all, the Corvette Stingray enjoys a decades-long, storied history, and a special place in the hearts and minds of sports car enthusiasts everywhere. A true American icon ─ strong and fast ─ this next-generation Corvette is conceived for world-class agility as well as power and speed.

Car Tuneups That Require Audio Engineers

“The best (systems) are so immersive, your next automobile decision might come down to how well the car stereo rocks your favorite Alabama Shakes song.” John Pelliccio, head of product communications at Bose, quoted in The New York Times.

A Look Inside Our Critical Listening Rooms


Critical listening rooms have become an essential tool for engineers in the Automotive Systems Division of Bose Corporation. Bud MacLellan, Bose Automotive Engineering Support Group Manager, provided insight into what these rooms are, how they are used and how they help take the performance of our automotive systems to a higher level.


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