The car is a 4 wheeled land vehicle driven by a machine. It usually uses fuel oil such as gasoline or diesel to turn the engine on. The first concept of the car was made by Leonardo da Vinci in 1478. This concept has not been made using the machine but still in the form of skets on paper.

Then in 1870, humans began to make engined vehicles to gulma the movement of military needs. The vehicle uses a steam engine and is assisted by 3-wheel drive. His speed was then known to be similar to the pace of man when walking.

Then, the vehicle was developed to achieve an important innovation in the history of automobiles. In 1882 found a machine capable of making machines on vehicles more efficient in the processing of fuel, namely diesel engines. This machine uses diesel fuel. Once this was the vehicle with a petrol-fired engine began to emerge.

Several years after that, radio was introduced in cars, namely in the decade of 1920. Then, in the decade 1940 appeared car with four-wheel drive features. This feature allows the machine to move all four wheels on the car. So it can be used for terrain that has uneven soil conditions.

Then in the 1950s emerged innovation of the machine with injection technology. It aims to mix the fuel with air before being burned and cause the fuel to be mixed homogeneous so that the machine gets more power when compared to the use of carburetors. In addition to the injection technology, in 1956 rediscovered new technology, namely the prototype of catalytic coverter. It is a technology to filter exhaust gases from vehicles so that the exhaust gases coming out of the exhaust are cleaner than hazardous compounds.

Not to stop there, in the 1960s the car was made with a more compact and functional design and in the year 1974 emerged technology – technology that adds safety to passengers, such as airbags and seatbelts. Then in 1997 began to be introduced the first hybrid car by Japan. This hybrid technology combines gasoline engines and electric motors to conserve fuel. In fact, there are now a lot of full-electric cars (not using fuel at all, relying solely on electricity) out there, which was started popularized by Tesla with the Tesla Roadster model in 2006.

Until now, there is still a lot of innovation – innovations developed on the car. Like, start-stop button, Hill Start assist in auto-mission car, electronic stability control, until advanced technology in current car, which is semi-autonomous steering system. The system makes the car can run itself on the highway with the help of sensors and radar to figure out objects around the car. Although this system can make the car run by itself, the driver’s role remains crucial in the operation of this vehicle. But someday the driver’s role will be completely replaced by this clever system.

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