MOTOR reportedly is preparing HUD (Head-up Display) technology on his motorcycle.

For the undiscovered, HUD technology was originally developed on fighter jets.

And nowadays HUD technology is already widely used in luxury cars.

Indeed, if thought, HUD can make it easy for motorcyclists to see speed without having to bow to see the speedometer panel.

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Citing from Rideapart, the new Honda issued a patent at the beginning of October 2019.

The patent shows a variety of Honda motors wearing HUD installed in various positions, depending on the motor.

Among them are Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin and Honda CBR500R.

At Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin, there is a projector mounted near the speedometer panel, and projecting the image on the windshield of the motor.

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While at Honda CBR500R, the projector is plugged in the motor tank and projecting the image to the windshield.

Then there is also the CBR500R version that the projectors are mounted on the windshield, then projecting the image onto the tank.

HUD in this Honda motorcycle is thought to be showing a variety of information such as speed and residual gasoline in tanks.

Not only that, HUD can also be used to show each turn while using navigation.

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More sophisticated, riders will be able to interact with the HUD.

Because Honda will use a special technology, so the HUD can function like a touchpad when the image is projected onto the windshield.

Really sophisticated bro, about when ya going show up?

Gallery of Sophisticated, Honda set up HUD technology in the latest motorcycle like a luxury car