New eco-friendly energy is growing and inevitable. With the rise of environmentally friendly new energy, it is expected to suppress the use of fossil fuels whose availability is increasingly limited.

Seeing that potential, various technology companies began vying to create eco-friendly energy-based products.

Related to environmentally friendly energy, Pt Utomodeck Metal Works Rooftop Industry Practitioner, Anthony Utomo said, commercial buildings or commonly called high rise bulding become one of the trends in urban development.

Where the concept of intelligent building or smart building with clean energy can be applied integrated with solar roof, solar glass or solar pedestrian.

“Building owners, architects, home designers and governments should be able to understand trends and challenges including mixing clean energy to build integrated photovoltaic (solar panel/PV) solutions. Including for the energy source needs of electric vehicles,” Anthony said in his statement, Wednesday (2/10/2019).

He sees the opportunities for the development of solar energy sources in Indonesia are huge. Moreover, indonesia’s geographical location makes it one of the best energy sources in the world.

“The sun is a gift from God. Indonesia has an area that has abundant sources of solar energy. We can use it as an energy source in homes and buildings,” he said.

Dutch Trade Organization for Solar Energy, Martin Schootstra said, currently in the world electric vehicles and solar energy are both being developed. Where electric vehicles can utilize solar panels as a source of electrical energy.

“I think this technology has been developed in a number of countries. Even in some countries those who use environmentally friendly technology can subsidize from the government,”” said the Dutch man.
One of the companies that develops electric vehicle technology with solar cells is Sion Motors. The German technology company integrates solar cells on almost all of the vehicle’s exterior surfaces.

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