2019 Chevrolet Bolt EV

Initially, electric cars were identical to Tesla but now more and more manufacturers are producing vehicle models by utilizing electric power. For example General Motors with the Chevrolet Bolt Crossover electric car that can run up to a range of 238 miles or 383 km for a single battery charge.

Another car manufacturer is Toyota who began positioning hybrids as one of the hallmarks of a number of new vehicles to be offered. One of them was on the Toyota RAV 4 Hybrid which claimed to be Toyota’s first hybrid SUV.

Utilisation of the electrification system in this vehicle will provide maximum traction but still efficient in the use of fuel. Moreover, this technology also does not emit emissions so it is more environmentally friendly.

In addition, technological advances have also presented cars with semi-autonomous steering systems. This feature is a warm discussion and started to be widely utilized by a number of luxury car manufacturers, such as Mercedes Benz B, Tesla, BMW, Audi, and Nissan.

The system serves to assist drivers while driving by utilizing sensors and radar capable of reaching up to a certain distance. As the name implies semi autonomous, it means the driver still has an important role in driving although the car can walk alone on the highway.

The driver simply presses a specific key by entering a place and destination on a digital map. Typically, the utilization of semi-autonomous technology is widely used in traffic jams so the driver does not have to be tired to tread the accelerator or brake.

The system will automatically track objects around the car, making it possible to drive in front of the vehicle. Technology with this sensor feature can also help the driver when less focused on the road.

The most important development in this field is the Cadillac Super Cruise system, which can drive the vehicle at a speed of 0 – 85 miles per hour. This technology allows the driver to completely detach the hand from the steering wheel.

Super Cruise is considered to be one of the best autonomous technologies available today. Features combine LiDAR, high-precision GPS, driver attention system and a large number of cameras, as well as radar sensors to build world virtual maps around the vehicle.

This autonomous system also provides a future feature that allows the vehicle to turn automatically avoiding objects or vehicles in front of it. But while keeping the car on track.

This automatic braking system is offered as standard on various models. This steering avoidance system works in total stop situations to avoid unwanted collisions.

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