The decline of diesel engine prestige in Europe does not make Mazda halt the development of the Energy series. Various research is done in conjunction with innovations in gasoline engine emulsifiers, electrification vehicles, as well as cars with hybrid technology.

The main objective of this development project is to achieve a new level in the case of lack of emissions and optimal fuel consumption efficiency. “The New approach we will strive to materialize in 2020 later,” said Head of research and development of Mazda Europe, Christian Schultz.

The previous results of Mazda research led to the innovation of setting compression level based on the adjustment of spark plugs in the Skyactiv-X gasoline engine. “There will be surprises from the new diesel engine, because the principle will not be much different,” said Schultz.

The Skyactiv-X engine technology itself relies on lean-burn combustion and compression ignition in reducing the use of fuel and carbon emissions. The final result in the use of such systems is the overall improvement in machine performance.

Mazda considers the possibility to develop a wide selection of car power plants today. “Similar to electrification, conventional machine usage can be an economical option if possible, ” SChultz said as quoted Autocar page.

Japanese producers instead did not follow the flow of other companies that began to design electrification vehicles. The latest Mazda electric vehicle Model will be introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show 2019, later this month.

Minat konsumen kepada produk mobil bermesin diesel sendiri mengalami penurunan usai citra negatif dari skandal Dieselgate Volkswagen. Hingga Oktober 2019, terdapat perkiraan penjualan produk kendaraan bermotor dengan mesin diesel menurun sebanyak 20 persen di Inggris.

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