The automotive world of today is not only awaited changes in its appearance but also awaited technology. For many people who observe the automotive world, of course, it is very understanding that in the present era there are many latest and very sophisticated technology embedded in various automotive products. The latest and advanced automotive technology is very useful. Yes, the discovery of the latest technology will make automotive products more secure, more comfortable, and even more can be satisfactory for example in terms of speed. For those of you who continue to follow the development of automotive technology, of course has been very understanding of what is happening in the present. But if you are still lacking in understanding what the latest technology embedded in automotive products, do not have to worry about the outdated because here will be given a return.


For those curious about 4 of the latest and advanced automotive technologies, here is the explanation for you:

1. Utilization of hot energy disposal

During this heat energy the result of disposal is only discarded. The energy of the engine fuel is not utilized and only evaporates without providing its benefits. However, some of today’s producers have wasted the vain thing and turned it into a more rewarding thing. It was originally inspired by NASA which utilizes exhaust heat energy. Apparently, this kind of technology is also very functional in a vehicle especially cars. The result of heat energy from acceleration or when the moving car can now be a power source for braking.

2. Air Maintenance Technology (AMT)

The other technology product is AMT. This technology is an invention to make car tires can fill the wind itself without any effort from human. The existence of small cavity that can be the way of wind and the presence of automatic door in the tire layer makes the wind will automatically enter the tyre room perfectly so this AMT really useful.

3. Cloud Computing

The application of IoT in all lines is very pronounced. The implementation of cloud computing is very desirable by many people because it will provide additional ease in the cabin of vehicles especially cars. Yes, the many features that are indeed the result of this device and Internet Sync will be very useful. In the car, anyone can easily control for example a quiet street check, find an address using GPS and then connect in the car’s dashboard as a clue, and so on. Digitizing in this internet-all automotive dashboard also makes it easy for motorists to conduct communication even when hands are in full control.

4. Small, lightweight hybrid battery

Hybrid or hybrid cars are the present and future cars. This car is still not fully replace the number of gasoline-fuel cars that are still a lot. In the development of hybrid cars, the battery becomes a meaningful problem. The large size makes the car heavy and has to prepare a room which is also spacious. But now, the latest technology has found a hybrid battery that can be very small and lightweight so it will deeply disshone evolution of hybrid cars in the future.

That’s the 4 latest and advanced automotive technologies that have been discovered and have been pinned. Not closing the possibilities, these four technologies will continue to develop more sophisticated and more beneficial or even replaced with other latest technology products better.

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