Jakarta – Hyundai signed initial contracts in partnership with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) and Fortescue Metal Group Ltd. (FMG) in an effort to produce hydrogen-fuelled electric cars.

Hyundai said it was collaborating on developing hydrogen extracting technology from ammonia to fuel electric cars.
Quoted Between from Yonhap on Friday, August 21, 2020, Hyundai, CSIRO, and FMG will use metal membranes developed by CSIRO to extract hydrogen and transmit it in the form of liquid ammonia to the global market.

In 2018, Hyundai Motor Group announced an investment plan of 7.6 trillion Won (6.4 billion U.S. dollars) for production facilities of at least 500 thousand hydrogen cars by 2030.

For passenger vehicles, Hyundai has sold 9,228 Nexo hydrogen cars, comprising 7,533 domestic units and 1,695 units in the global market, from 2018 to June 2020.

The South Korean government encourages the use of hydrogen as a major energy source for hydrogen cars or cars. Automakers are also racing to be environmentally friendly amid emissions regulations to reduce global warming.

Hydrogen fuel cells emit water vapor and convert hydrogen deposits into electricity to drive electric car motors.

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