Solar power has been widely applied as a claimed alternative to today’s more environmentally friendly. Not least the use of solar power that can already be found around us, as well as highway lights. As the era progresses, the application of solar power technology is also growing. Yes, solar cars that have lately begun to be seriously developed by some world-class manufacturers are claimed to be the cars of the future.

Wondering how solar-powered cars are claimed to be the cars of the future? Nahh let ga kudet yuk simak review below.

How It Works

Solar-powered cars will absorb heat with solar cells that are then channeled to a battery control regulator (BCR) which serves to increase the current on the battery which is then channeled to the battery. Then the origin of the power is generated by processing on the inverter that changes the current from AC to DC. In general, there will be 3 batteries in one car with 100 amper each that will store the energy of photon processing contained in sunlight.


The fuel used is sunlight that is easy to get while in the open space.
Minimal noise pollution.
Environmentally friendly, because solar-powered cars do not produce CO2 gas that can damage the environment.


For now the cost required to develop a solar car is still quite expensive.
The charging time of the power source takes a relatively long time.
Replacement components are still considered quite difficult to find considering the production is still limited.

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