Honda Motor Investment Co Ltd in cooperation with Neusoft Reach Automotive Technology (Shanghai) established Hynex Mobility Service in Dalian, Liaoning Province, China, quoted by iNews.

The facility was established aimed at developing connected services focused on Honda Connect and accelerating the development of electric car technology that will start operating on July 1, 2020.

President of Honda Motor (China) Investment Co Ltd Katsushi Inoue said Honda strives to realize a fun mobility experience and wants to accelerate the development of its technology in the field of electrification and ICV (Intelligent Connected Vehicle).

Hynex Mobility Service as a first step has a vision of creating innovative services by utilizing big data and AI to create more value for its users in the future.

Over the past few years, Honda and Neusoft Reach have worked together to develop advanced high-quality technologies and services, such as electric vehicle development, ICV, self-driving, automotive powertrains, and mobility services that have been connected to cybersecurity.

“It is a great pleasure for us to be able to accelerate progress towards the next generation with connected services in common with Neusoft Reach. Based on our global vision to serve people around the world with the ‘pleasure of expanding their life potential’, Honda has realized Funtec World for everyday mobility in China,” inoue said.

In this process, he continued, the company has developed a solid foundation for collaborating in various fields including the research and development of electric vehicles and mobility.

“Now, we will collaborate for future generations as a connected service and accelerate the creation of new value in more enjoyable mobility products, while leveraging the power of each of the two companies,” he said.

President of Neusoft Corporation and Chairman of Neusoft Reach Automotive Technology (Shanghai), Wang Yongfeng said that since its inception, Neusoft Reach has brought innovation and transformation to industry and technology with the aim of adding new value to cars through software.

Over the past few years, Neusoft Reach has deepened it, working with Honda in various fields including electric vehicle development, mobility sharing business, and Honda Connect. Neusoft Reach will demonstrate its strengths in software research and development for connected services and work with Honda to further expand the potential for mobility,” Yongfeng said.

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