Almost every car launched today is equipped with turbocharged technology. This technology is able to make the car have a fairly high speed.

PR & Digital Manager of PT Sokonindo Automobile (DFSK), Arviane D. Bahar said turbocharged technology combined with abundant power and advanced transmission, makes power lines to the wheel more efficient and comfortable to drive in various road conditions.

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“The component was transformed to optimize power, making it suitable for urban use in urban areas with stop and go street characteristics,” he said in a written statement received by, Saturday (4/11/2020).

One of DFSK’s cars carrying turbocharged technology is the Glory 560. The car adopts a 1,500 cc Turbocharged engine capable of producing 148 hp of power and 230 Nm of torque channeled via a manual 6-speed transmission or Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).
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“DFSK Glory 560 is designed for our adventurous consumers. So, the need for vehicles that are powerful, agile and fuel efficient, can be met,” said Arviane.

Although the engine capacity is small, only 1,500 cc, however, the power produced is like an engine of 2,000 cc. Interestingly, the fuel consumption remains like a 1,500 cc engine, efficient and efficient.

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“The turbocharged technology embedded in the DFSK Glory 560 not only improves engine performance like a race car, but is about fuel efficiency,” said DFSK Technical Training & Service Manager, Sugiarto.

Sugiarto explained, based on the testing of the DFSK Glory 560 fuel efficiency assessment and application agency (BPPT) which is 1:12.66 liters/km with the ECE101 method

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