Today the automotive world has been associated with various modern technologies. Automotive today not only uses the engine as a drive, but various electronic components containing the program have also been pinned into the automotive world. From fuel combustion systems to automotive user safety and comfort systems.

Automotive lovers especially in this hammer city have modified their vehicles with a variety of the latest technology in the automotive world. Of course, the latest technology in the automotive world is expected to play an important role in the satisfaction of its users. Here is an example of technological developments in the current era.

Auto Driver

Auto driver technology is a vehicle that can operate safely and effectively without needing to be controlled by humans. This technology uses sensors including: Global Positioning System, video camera, LIDAR, and RADAR.

Electric Cars

Electric cars are cars driven by electric motors, using electrical energy stored in batteries or other energy storageSeable cars have some potential advantages when compared to regular internal combustion cars. The main thing is that electric cars do not produce exhaust gases. Because electric cars don’t use fuel oil

Fuel injection

Fuel injection is a technology used in to mix with air before it is burned. The use of fuel injection will increase engine power. Injection uses multiple sensors to monitor engine conditions, and an electronic control unit calculates the amount of fuel required. Excess fuel injection include reducing exhaust gas, greater engine power, more fuel economy.

Automotive technology plays an important role in the safety and comfort of transportation. The technology that will be present in the future is expected to be able to meet all the needs of automotive users. Especially in this millennial age all advanced technology, maybe in the future automotive manufacturers can develop their products using more advanced technology.

Gallery of Automotive Future Technology