The automotive world today cannot be detached from future technological developments.

Not only is technology on the machine system or performance but also features convenience and security.

In the event of Tokyo Motor Show 2019 some time ago, Toyota introduced the concept car LQ.

This concept car is an update from the previous Toyota Concept-I which was introduced at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2017.

In this update there are 7 new technologies from Toyota that become prospective features in the future.

1. Automatic Valet Parking

This technology helps locate nearby parking lots and gives you easy access to elderly drivers, pregnant women or carrying babies.

This feature keeps the maximum space on the parking spot by reducing the distance between vehicles up to 20 cm.

As for how this feature works using camera, sonar and radar as well as 2-dimensional road mapping.

Car sensors and parking cameras on this automatic valet parking feature also monitor other vehicles and pedestrians around.

When detecting any car or pedestrian crossing, the car will stop automatically.

2. Yui Features

Toyota also introduced artificial intelligence technology called YUI.

This feature provides a personal experience through the emotion and alertness of the driver over the road.

Using interactive communication, Yui could talk to the driver for a more comfortable trip.

3. Machine communication with humans

The roof and floor areas are used on the Toyota LQ as an intuitive communication platform between driver and car.

As informing the road surface conditions to the driver and passengers via Digital Micromirror Device (DMD).

The DMD feature is installed on the headlights where it works to activate a million small mirrors.

Later, the embedded small mirror projects the way the street looks through to the driver.

4. AR-HUD Feature

In creating future features, Toyota also teamed up with several technology companies.

Like the Augmented Reality Head-up Display (AR-HUD) feature that works with Panasonic Corporation.

This technology supports safer driving by reducing the driver’s eye movement.

Information about road signs, correct track warnings, and three-dimensional route is displayed on the big screen.

5. OLED Dashboard

For the first time Toyota introduced dashboards and instrument panels using an OLED display (Organic LED).

This sophisticated instrument panel design offers better visibility for drivers during the journey.

In addition, a brighter and clearer look makes the driver read clearly.

6. In-cab air technology

The air feature in this cabin creates a new catalyst layer that outlines ozone into oxygen.

So that ozone on the ground surface will break down as the car moves.

As with the AR-HUD feature, Toyota’s air technology cooperates with Aisin Chemical Co., Ltd and Cataler Corporation.

This feature will make drivers and passengers more comfortable because of the healthy air circulation.

7. Relaxation Chairs and warning systems

Toyota also introduced the world’s first feature on the seat or driver seat.

The sophisticated seat on the LQ has several inflatable air pockets along with the penidngin system.

Of course, the functions of these two features to keep the driver awake and relaxed especially when traveling long distances.

When the system has felt the driver is tired, the air bag expands.

So that the posture sits upright and keeps the driver awake and not easily tired.

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