1. Electric car

The rapid advancement in the automotive sector makes electricity a trend that will greatly affect the automotive industry in the future.

The use of an emission-free electric car will be the solution to suppress pollution, but it is also environmentally friendly, more efficient because it uses a battery as a movement and suppresses the driving noise. The presence of electric cars can no longer be dammed.

2. Technology Swakemudi

Nowadays, cars that can be nyetir own or autonomous car has begun to emerge. But this sophisticated car will gain momentum on the 2020. Besides being able to drive alone, autonomous cars will also have their own parking features.

If that’s the case, the driver just sits sweet without the hassle of holding the stir. Cool, yes!

3. Cars will be connected to each other, important to minimize accidents

Not only electrification vehicle and Swakemudi, another trend that will appear is inter-vehicle connectivity. So future vehicles will be connected, so they can minimize accidents. In addition, these vehicles will also connect with traffic signs, so that traffic violations can be suppressed.

4. Car Sharing concept

Another trend that will mushress from 2020 upcoming is the concept of car sharing. With this concept one car can be used interchangeably or together. So production can be reduced to maximum. This business Model is actually started to be diritis!

5. Car Software that will be updated periodically

The use of electric cars with all the sophistication in them, making future trends driven by other factors, namely the use of software or car operating systems that can be continuously renewed.

As with any application or mobile OS that need to be upgraded periodically. In the future the car will also have to be renewed through the technology system in it. This will affect the integrity or performance of those cars that are all digital.

Gallery of 5 technologies that will change how to drive a car on 2020